Colby Bolo Necklace

Colby Bolo Necklace

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Color: White, Turquoise, Red, Brown, Cognac, Tan, Black, Pink, Indigo

Leather: Deer Skin

Hardware: Silver

Adjustment Chain

Leather Color:
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Get this Bolo look by following these 7 instructions.


1.     Pull the slider plate down the leather to end beads. 2.     Lift the end of the leather straps above your head 3.     Place the strap over your head 4.     This is how the back should appear after placing straps over your head 5.     Cross the leather straps 6.     Flip the strap over your head (note:  If Plate isn’t face up reverse the way you cross in step 5) 7.     Pull up the bottom plate and adjust for perfect fit.